Thank you for choosing Silver Spring Driving. We are happy you have chosen our driving academy as your school of choice for your driver’s education program. We have provided quality driver's education classes to Maryland residents since 2008, and we take pride in giving the best experience to each of our students. Read more...

Driver's Education

Silver Spring Driving Academy is happy to offer the 36 hours of Driver's Education course as mandated by the state of Maryland. Upon completion of 30 hours of classroom and the 6 hours of the behind the wheel, you will be eligible to obtain a provisional driver's license in Maryland. Read more...


Driver Improvement

Silver Spring Driving Academy has made the Driver Improvement Classes even easier, with just a click, you can now take the DIP classes on-line at your pace. Read more...

Welcome to Silver Spring Driving Academy Driver's Education Driver Improvement

Welcome to Silver Spring Driving Academy

Silver Spring Driving Academy has been in business since 2008 and since then our mission has been to provide the finest quality service in the area. We are proud to say that in a short period of time we have become a very successful driving academy. We thrive to keep our learning environment safe, secure, and with fully equipped classrooms.


All our driving instructors are fully qualified and Certified by the State of Maryland. At Silver Spring Driving Academy we are dedicated to providing you with best quality service and a unique enjoyable experience. We are the ideal driving school for new Drivers, Adults, and Corporate Employees.


We insist that all our instructors be fully competent and knowledgeable of the State of Maryland Drivers Education Curriculum.


Driver's Education

Fall-Winter Special $300

- Maryland state required

- Course consist of 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel

- Minimum age to start class is 15 years

- Learners permit not required to start classroom

Driver Emprovement Program Online

- You were referred by a District Court Judge

- You were referred by an Administrative Law Judge

- You have accomulated 5,6, or more points on your driving records

- Your were granted PBJ for a moving violation while holding your provisional license

- Must be at least 18 years of age

Safe and Sober

3 Hour Course

- Out of Country License Holder

- In-classroom $65.00

- Saturdays 1:00 - 4:00 P.M.

- We accept walk-ins (Must show identification)

- On-line $50.00

Our Instructors

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